Who are we?

We’re simply a team that came together to create a business dedicated to providing your healthy lifestyle needs. Ranging from sports & gym equipment to camping gear to health & fitness-related tools – you name it!


We want to be your go-to brand for all those needs, and we’d like to provide it to you to the best of our capabilities and in the highest quality – hence, the name “Rezilient Rigz”. What better word to describe strength and equipment that’s long-lasting, other than resilient?


Apart from that, we also believe that Rezilient Rigz is meant to do great things for our customers. Starting out humble and still very new in the market, it does not deter our strong spirit and determination – another secret meaning behind the “resilience” associated with our brand name.


As firm believers in enjoying life to the fullest – we’d love to be a part of that and help you lead a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. So, please let us into your home and hearts as we provide you the best tools to live out your precious journey of life!


We’d be glad to be of service.